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TLC launches MyPerks program across 4 countries for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

TLC is pleased to annouce its first multi-country program, providing staff privileges and perks for Bank of America Merrill Lynch staff in Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Australia.

Called MyPerks, it provides a standard and consistent platform for the bank's employees in these countries, consolidating all their staff perks. Employees can easily access their benefits through their staff intranet, and the program was launched across 4 countries simultaneously where all staff were provided with a stylish information pack and a staff "MyPerks" card. A second phase of this program is due to launch mid October 2015 for a further 7 countries in Asia for the bank.

"TLC is excited to be able to offer this multi-country solution for our client, and further demonstrates our ability to deliver customised solutions effectively to our clients, with this program developed and implemented in less than 2 months for our client. Our SaaS platform allows us to tailor a solution very efficiently for any size client", says Sam Lau, Managing Director of Total Loyalty Company.

The MyPerks program is a combination of staff privileges and lifestyle information, making it an engaging platform to interact with members on a regular basis, rather than just an aggregation of staff discounts. Incorporating into the program will be content feed on the latest news and useful tipbits on healthy living, travel, and other lifestyle themes.

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