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TLC launches staff wellbeing program for Adventist Hospital

Total Loyalty Company (TLC) today launches the first collaboration Corporate Wellbeing Solution with Adventist Health, with a program for Adventist Hospital staff at Stubbs Road Hong Kong campus, with a follow up launch this Friday at the Tseun Wan campus.

President and CEO of Adventist Hospitals, Dr Frank Yeung was on hand to officially launch the program and re-iterated the hospital's commitment to being a health promoting hospital - to its patients, staff and community. The hospital has a goal - to make its team the healthiest within hospitals across Hong Kong. This program delivers to that goal by taking positive steps towards health promotion to its employees.

This program represents a collaboration between TLC and Adventist Health's Lifestyle Management Centre ("LMC") and will be a model solution that will be introduced to Hong Kong's employers to assist companies to have the tools and solutions to also improve their employees health. After all, a happy and healthy workforce is a more productive workforce!

"Our focus is not just to deliver a series of health talks and exercise classes, but an evident based program jointly developed with Adventist LMC team that actively nuture change of habits of staff to be healthier.", says Sam Lau, Managing Director of Total Loyalty Company.

"At the launch today, we made everyone pledge a change of 1 unhealthy habit over the next 60 days, based around Adventist's 7 factors for longevity, and staff are motivated and supported to succeed in this healthy habit change."

We look forward to taking this program now to the borader Hong Kong community, to help companies implement healthy solutions for their staff that are more than just talk.

For more information on the innovative Corporate Wellbeing Solution, please contact Sam Lau on (852) 5131 6338 or

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