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The Entrepreneurs Lunch Club launched.

Total Loyalty Company is pleased to host the inaugural Entrepreneurs Lunch Club today at Kee Club, where 24 inspiring individuals gather to make some new connections, share some thoughts and insights on being an entrepreneur, and of course, enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

"Too often, entrepreneurs are in a lonely world, where they are everything from visionaries to office trash cleaners! The lunch club is to gather together 20 or so like minded individuals to share some insights, discuss business concerns in a safe environment and make some new connections.

I am proud to kick start this lunch club and hope to see this build into something amazing over the journey." says, Sam Lau, Managing Director of Total Loyalty Company.

The gathering was an inspiring mix of people from a mix of background and business ideas - from gourmet food distributors, health products, experience marketing agency, dry cleaning delivery service to global online travel provider and even a resort owner!


The Entrepreneurs Lunch Club plans to gather every month or so, with a limited gathering each time of around 24 entrepreneurs. If you are interested to join the Lunch Club, please send an email to

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