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TLC announces partnership with Singapore benefits provider Rewardz.

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Total Loyalty Company (TLC) today announces that they have signed a partnership with corporate perks management service Rewardz Singapore to expand its regional reach now to Singapore customers.

Sam Lau, Managing Director and founder of Total Loyalty Company said, “TLC is grown significantly over the last few years, now servicing over 40 companies in Hong Kong, including American Express, Deacons, Sony Pictures, CBRE, NTT, Pepsico, amongst others. We are keen to expand regionally aligned with our clients’ needs and the partnership with Rewardz is an example of how we will look at the best solution to help us achieve our expansion plans.

We are pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Rewardz, as their strong local knowledge and market leadership as well as our common shared values enable us to find a valuable partner in Singapore.”

Total Loyalty Company is a leading provider of work-life balance and corporate wellness solution in Hong Kong, developing unique year round programs for clients so they can maximise their investment, rather than just doing adhoc one-off activities. Its solutions are based around corporate perks, staff events and our signature services of Office Marketplace™ (bringing vendors to the office to market), TLCApplause™ (our ticket box office solution), AskTLC™ (our buying advisory service), all packaged around a branded website for each client, supported by a structured staff communications plan. Our solutions have proven to help companies achieve higher staff engagement, bringing on a happier workplace and increase productivity.

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