Promote your products/services to our network of employees.


We welcome any business with a great service or product to provide an offer to our members. We do not charge any marketing fees nor commission. We simply ask you to provide something outstanding in terms of offer, to make it attractive to the employees in our network to take up the offer.



Join over 200 merchant companies who are benefiting from this free promotional channel.


We will feature your products on the websites that are tailored for each of our clients.

We can also use our weekly and monthly email newsletters to help raise the awareness of your offers.

We can also bring selected partners to our client’s offices to do onsite promotion and for you to sell direct.

You can change your offer anytime.



The Nexus Club - free networking for you too!


You will receive a complimentary membership to our merchants network club, the Nexus Club.

You can enjoy all the benefits from other fellow merchants as a member, seeing first hand how the program works.

We can also help introduce you to other merchants if you wish to do some joint promotions with them.



No catches. Just free promotion.


There is no catch. We call this “pay as you go marketing”. You only have to “pay” the discount or value add when the customer is at your door (physical or virtual!). With such low risk you can afford to try new marketing initiatives, go deeper with your discounts as there is no marketing cost for you, or provide seasonal offers.



So you already have a loyalty program for your clients?


No problems. We can help you promote your loyalty program to our members too – again simply give them an enticing offer to attract them to join.



Great, how do I get involve?


We have a standard working agreement for you, as well as a template that you can simply fill in your offer and we can easily load it to our program. The main thing is to come up with an enticing offer for our network of employees.


If you have any queries, please drop us a line at info@totalloyalty.hk or contact us on 2536 9010.