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Simply contact us and we can meet with you to assess your needs and make some recommendations to help you quickly and effectively develop a more engaged workforce.


So you like some help with staff engagement solutions?


Our 20+ years’ experience in staff engagement solutions means we can help you work out an appropriate program to suit your needs. You might not need a full service solution, but just need some direction and guidance. You might already have inhouse resources who can help you execute and run work-life balance initiatives for you, but you just need someone to help you come up with a roadmap.


TLC can help do the analysis for you and make recommendations and develop some targeted outcomes for you, to put you on the road to success.



3 key success factors for a staff engagement solution – plan, plan, plan.


The most important thing with any work-life balance solution is to have a results-oriented plan, that is not just about a one-off event or even a week. For the best results, it needs to be an ongoing, year round plan so to ensure your staff can see the initiatives are part of the corporate culture, not just an adhoc event.


We can help you analyse your staff engagement needs, or develop a corporate wellbeing program. We can help you conduct staff workshops, review your communication strategies and develop practical solutions for you.



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We acknowledge we do not know everything, which is why we have chosen a few partners who are experts in what they do, to work closely with us to bring you the best outcomes.